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Process payments fast with Blueswipe. One of the many perks of your Primis account is a partnership with Blueswipe—a platform made for lightning-fast in-person and online payment processing.

Key Benefits

Lower Payment Processing Fees

Have you evaluated your current payment processing fees recently?

  • Credit card processing fees can eat up a large chunk of your profit each month. Our payment processing partner Blueswipe is a locally headquartered company that can provide an analysis of your current rates to see if your business is overpaying. Customers save an average of 30%, and all details can be handled over the phone with a simple virtual application. Ask us about receiving a no-obligation analysis.

Additional Payment Options

With slower business activity during the Covid-19 pandemic, is now the time to make some changes to your payment methods?

  • Alternative payment acceptance can help you generate sales that otherwise would be lost. A virtual payments portal, Gift cards, e-commerce capabilities, and over the phone payments options can help capture these sales.

Proactive Customer Support

  • A full-time USA customer support team fixated on the quality of your experience. How does that sound? Blueswipe is all about proactive, responsive communication, and support to keep you running smoothly.

Be Anywhere Portal

  • Your data, at your fingertips, with Blueswipe’s online portal. Live chat with the team or jump right in with instant access to payment reporting, processing statements, deposits, batch analytics, and chargeback monitoring.

Technical Support

  • Sometimes things happen when you least expect them. That’s why we offer 24/7/365 access to technical support. Yes, even 2 am on Saturday night.

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We’re excited to bring you on board. Email [email protected] or call 804-790-1207. Let’s get it started.

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