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Tap into better cash flow with our cash flow management services from Primis. Consolidate your excess funds into one central account with our sweeps service. Or use our zero balance account for additional insight into your overall monetary health at any given moment. Combine both services for unparalleled visibility and access of your funds.


Make your money work for you. Simply set a daily minimum balance for your checking account to provide enough operating cash. Then at the close of business, excess funds are swept into an account with overnight profit potential.

Investment Sweeps

  • Linked to your business checking account
  • Earn interest overnight, no extra effort
  • Turn unused cash into returns on invested funds
  • Funds are swept back to the primary account as needed
  • Excess funds stay invested; continue to grow 24/7
  • Optimizes your earning potential

Line of Credit Sweeps

Use a sweep account to pay down an open line of credit. Just like an investment sweep account, funds sweep to minimize your interest payments. However, if funds are needed to cover a withdrawal, they will automatically sweep from the line to cover the obligation.

  • Pay down your line of credit to reduce interest payments
  • Automated for your convenience

Zero Balance Accounts

  • Multiple account balances are concentrated into one centralized account
  • Perfect for companies with specialized needs like payroll, tax accounts, credit card receipts
  • Funds are disbursed to individual ZBA accounts only when necessary to cover checks or debits
  • Maintain required balances for disbursements while maximizing excess balances

Commercial Analysis Checking

  • Best for businesses with high transaction volumes
  • Unlimited monthly transactions available
  • Let your balances work for you, receive an earnings credit to offset or minimize monthly fees
  • Earnings credit can also cover the costs of treasury management services

Learn more about our Commercial Analysis checking account.

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