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Secured Asset Based Lending (SABL)

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Your business requires a personal touch. Which is why we developed our own proprietary Secured Asset Based Lending system, also known as SABL. This system uses the outstanding receivables from your business as collateral for an immediate business loan. In addition, standard collateral like real estate and inventory can also be used to further increase your borrowing ability. It’s our way of giving your business personal attention.

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With an SABL, you’ll receive:


Real-time knowledge of your borrowing base, including: Current balance Total eligible collateral and margin (available to borrow)


Access to the following services: Accounts receivable upload Automatic collateral assessment Lockbox* integration Discretionary borrowing and pay-down Superior reporting


A simplified lending process


A loan process that eliminates the paperwork

  • Faster access to funds

Beneficial Ownership Requirements

All Primis business account holders will be required, due to regulatory reasons, to provide us with certain information on its Beneficial Owners.

This information must be provided on Primis’s Beneficial Owner Form before a new account can be opened, or any changes can be made to an existing account.

All loans are subject to approval.

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