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Ann-Stanton Gore

EVP, Chief Marketing Officer

About Ann-Stanton Gore

Ann-Stanton Gore

Behind every successful company is a brand that captivates and excites everyone involved. With years of experience growing strong brands, dynamic cultures and amazing client experiences, Ann-Stanton is passionate about strengthening the Primis brand and creating an infectious atmosphere for both our employees and customers.

Her ultimate goal is to turn Primis into a household name, with teammates that are energized to work here and people knocking on our door wanting to be a part of the Primis family!

Outside of the office, Ann-Stanton is a proud South Carolina Gamecock and a loving wife and mother. With two young “kiddos” and a desire for travelling and seeking out new experiences, it’s safe to say that she maintains a high level of energy around the clock.

“Surround yourself with people who inspire you. Take care of culture first and everything will take care of itself.” This quote by Andrea Brimmer is one that Ann-Stanton truly admires, appreciates and can relate to. Ann-Stanton believes that Primis can be at the forefront of customer and employee satisfaction. With her drive to exceed expectations of the industry, Ann-Stanton aims to boost the Primis brand to new heights as we continue down our path of innovation and inspiration.

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