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Dennis J. Zember Jr.

President & CEO

About Dennis

While his professional experience is impressive – Dennis went from being a public accountant to working in the private sector for 10 years before joining Ameris Bancorp where he took them from $1 billion to about $17 billion. It’s his passion for leadership and creativity that makes him unique as President and CEO.

“I was working with a trainer for a triathlon. He told me that during the race I was going to want to quit. I was going to hurt and that my mind would be telling me I couldn’t hold the pace until the end. That I would be doubting myself. He said in those low moments, to find somebody else on the course that was suffering and to encourage them. He told me that in just seconds that I’d forget my own pain and suffering by caring for others. Nothing that I’ve ever heard or experienced is as true as this in all facets of my life.”

Dennis brings tireless energy and enthusiasm to Primis, and prides himself on his ability to help his fellow employees grow personally and professionally. He loves endurance sports, fishing, and spending time with his family (and sometimes his two dogs Lucy and Sam!)

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W. Rand Cook

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Vice President, McCaul, Martin, Evans and Cook, P.C.

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