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Eric Alan Johnson

President, Mason Realty Inc

About Eric

For over 45 years Eric has been in the real estate business, most recently as President and Principal Broker with Mason Realty Inc. But his experience doesn’t stop there. He also owned and operated multimillion dollar grocery and building supply businesses, and manages over 4,000 acres of mostly timberlands. So his diverse business background is truly an asset to the Primis Board. 

Eric believes that you have to learn to accept change or you cannot grow. Which is why his favorite part of working with Primis is engaging with the executives—he’s always learning from them. And they certainly learn from him, and his experience. 

Our Executive Team

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John Fitzgerald Biagas

President and Chief Executive Officer, Bay Electric Co., Inc

Board of Directors

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Charles A. Kabbash

President and Chief Executive Officer, 414 Associates & 414 Associates South Real Estate Investment Holding Company

Board of Directors

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