No Tricks, All treats

Make sure your Halloween experience is fright-free — 5 tips to make your home a must-visit on the candy route.

Trick or Treat image

Make sure your Halloween is full of treats, without the tricks. Check out these quick tips to keep your home safe during the fun.

  1. Clear the way. Make sure the pathway from the sidewalk to your door is hazard-free. Repair any issues that could pose a safety threat to trick-or-treaters, like loose railings. If you’re going all out with yard decorations, make sure your spooky items are out of the clear walking path.
  2. Light it up. Remember to turn on your exterior lights and replace burned out bulbs to keep the pathway well-lit for neighborhood ghosts and goblins. Motions lights are a great idea for after trick-or-treating hours to discourage mischief-makers.
  3. Real candles are real danger. Consider using LED lights inside your jack-o’-lantern instead of playing with fire.
  4. Give props. Prop open your storm door or screen door so it simply doesn’t get in the way.
  5. Consider pets. The constant doorbell ringing is enough to drive most furry friends crazy. Try to mitigate the frustrations by welcoming trick-or-treaters before they ring the bell. It’s a great idea to keep pets in a separate room on Halloween to keep them calm, and prevent them from darting out the door.

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