Your privacy is a big deal, and we’ll always treat it that way. Keeping you and your business’s data secure is our priority.

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Protection on Top of Protection

While all of our services are secure, we offer many business services with extra layers of protection, giving you more control to be sure your business is secure at all times.

Multi-Layered Security

Our multi-layered security system is designed with your protection in mind. We use multiple tools to protect you:

  • Multiple security layers consisting of authentication, passwords, and tokens
  • Varying access based on unique logins

Positive Pay

Positive Pay is an automatic system that helps us identify unauthorized or fraudulent check activity. When one of your business checks is presented for payment, Primis compares it to a file you send us with details of all outgoing checks. This way, we can flag suspicious checks and bring them to your attention.

  • Reduce check fraud
  • Ensure fraudulent transactions are rejected before posting payment

ACH Reporting

Fraudsters can use Automated Clearing House (ACH) systems to try to steal funds from unsuspecting accounts. Each morning, we’ll send you a complete list of ACH debits that will hit your account that day. If you notice something suspicious, we’ll return the item and block it if you’d like.

  • Prevent unauthorized withdrawals
  • Avoid time-consuming dispute process
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Fraudsters Don’t Stop. Neither Do We.

Check out our blog Real Talk, for the latest in cybersecurity news. Keeping you informed and safe is always our priority.

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