Here’s the thing. We don’t just say we’re more than a bank. We live it — every day. What matters to our community matters to us, which is why we’ve created and committed to programs and resources like the ones below.


True to our core, we believe everyone can be a leader. By using our influence and offering meaningful support to women and girls throughout our community, everyone can reach their potential.

This isn’t just talk – we are developing programs and supporting organizations – like the Forward Foundation and Human Kind – that provide more than a hand out or even a hand up. Instead, Primis is offering a foundation on which women and girls can build their future.

Primis’s flagship program, Primis Works, empowers single mothers by providing a life-changing opportunity to establish and grow meaningful careers. This four-month experience offers full benefits, paid childcare, and combines classroom education, mentorship, personal and professional development, and extensive job training in a variety of departments at Primis.

Primis Works isn’t just creating career opportunities, it’s changing lives

Sharpening minds for all generations

Primis knows the way to financial stability is to start with the basics – saving, spending and investing. When our teammates are empowered to teach these basics, Primis promotes sound decision-making, creating a more stable future for all.

Our partnerships with Junior Achievement, schools, Chambers of Commerce, economic development boards and the like, give Primis employees the opportunity to teach financial basics to people of all ages. Our financial literacy partnership with Everfi, reached 700 students at eight schools with 809 hours of learning during the 2021-2022 school year alone.

We’re also a supporter of the Commonwealth Connect Fund which is expanding broadband access to underserved areas across the Commonwealth of Virginia. Our $200,000 donation will advance the efforts of bridging the digital divide for approximately 233,000 locations across Virginia that lack access to broadband.

Community Champions

Primis believes everyone can be a champion in the community. Our teammates are excited to give of their time, talents and resources to organizations that make an impact. We’re proud to support them as they do!

Through our Community Champions program, each team member is given up to eight volunteer hours to follow their passions and give back to their local communities. This is in addition to the countless hours our team gives through Primis sponsored volunteer initiatives.