Back to School

Sticking to a budget during this time of year can be a challenge, we know all the shopping can be exciting. The truth is that back-to-school shopping doesn’t have to wreck your wallet.

Going to school image

The first thing that always comes to mind is to reuse supplies from the previous year, however, there are plenty of other ways that you can save money, including:

  • Value is Better than a Name. While heading to an office store to shop for supplies might be the most convenient, there are other options out there that could save you some cash. Check out a dollar store or perhaps the home goods aisle of your local grocery store for great deals on a lot of your back-to-school needs. You may even stumble across the best value supplies at garage sales or thrift shops!
  • Pack Their Lunches. For most families, packing lunches can be a very easy way to save money when the school year rolls around. Sure, it might be easier to add some lunch money to your child’s account but in the long run packing lunches can result in more savings than you think. And don’t forget to write a note on their napkin!
  • Get Rewarded to Shop.  There are lots of credit cards that provide rewards for spending, whether it be points towards travel or cash back for certain purchases. You can earn some of that money back with a Primis Perks Checking account, where we’ll give you 25 cents for every single purchase using your debit card. Even if you buy a single pack of pencils from the dollar store, you’ll still get 25 cents back.
  • Take Advantage of Student Discounts. Preparing to send someone off to college? Did you know you could save big before they even move in? A lot of stores offer generous discounts for students. Tech giants like Apple, Samsung, Microsoft and BestBuy provide discounts on their products for all students with an eligible (.edu) email address.

The opinions voiced in this material are for general information only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual. ATM transactions are not eligible for Primis Ace Checking rewards.