Securing Your Security Camera

Person ringing the bell on a door security camera.

In today’s home, video cameras are popping up everywhere. Whether you’re keeping an eye on the property, baby’s nap, incoming deliveries, or Fido’s solo time, the convenience and peace of mind afforded by this popular home accessory can be priceless.

As you set up your nifty gadget, keep in mind it can be vulnerable to a cybersecurity breach. Hackers have found creative ways to intrude on even the simplest technologies, including home security cameras. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when using them:

  • Keep private, private. Before you set up that camera in your bedroom or other personal spaces, consider whether you’d ever want footage from that location made public. A good rule of thumb is to point cameras towards the outside world as much as possible.
  • Consider the bells and whistles. Some cameras include built-in security features, including scrambling your livestream or stored footage. It may be worth any added expense to avoid a possible future leak. Anytime you have the option to turn on a firewall or encryption, be sure to opt in.
  • Pass phrase is the new password. If using a password is not the default with your camera, set one up as soon as you take it out of the box. Complex and unique passwords are always a good idea. Take this security measure to the next level with a memorable pass phrase and be sure to include symbols and numbers for added complexity.
  • Keep current. Your camera is a lot like your phone or computer. Any reputable manufacturer will offer updates to the operating software, which often include patches to previous security weaknesses. Be sure to install updates when they are available.
  • Lock down remote viewing. If you plan to check the live feed remotely, make sure the video feed is encrypted and that you control who has access to viewing.

As technologies evolve, so do the suggested precautions. For information about additional security measures, check out the Federal Trade Commission’s website.

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