Staying Cyber-Safe

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Welcome to the New Year, where your money matters more than ever. By this point in the year, many of us have already abandoned our new resolutions. So, why not start a simple new one: Staying cyber-safe.

It’s not hard to get started. We’re here with three quick tips to help jumpstart your year.

1. Password Wisdom:

Mix it Like a Smoothie: Blend letters, numbers, and symbols for a password as complex as your morning smoothie order.

No Hand-Me-Downs: Just like socks, don’t reuse passwords. Give each account its own unique flair.

2. Two-Factor Hustle:

Double Up, Stay Secure: Activate two-factor authentication for that extra layer of protection.

Beyond Texts: Explore options beyond SMS. Apps like Google Authenticator add a techno-lock to your digital vault.

3. Tech Tune-Up:

Stay in the Loop: Keep your apps and devices updated regularly. It’s like giving your digital squad a pep talk before the big game – ready, resilient, and unbeatable.

Antivirus Guardian: Install reliable antivirus software. Think of it as your device’s superhero sidekick, always on the lookout for cyber trouble.

While there are countless things you can do to stay protected, these three changes will give you the head start that you need to help stay cyber-safe this year.

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