Will Primis Ask you this?

Nowadays, unfortunately there are more scammers than ever who will try anything they can to get access to your accounts—even if that means pretending to be a Primis employee.

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To make sure you’re prepared for any potential scam attempt, let’s play a quick game called Will Primis Ask You This?

  1. Will Primis ask you for your personal information over the phone, in an email, or in a text?
    No! If you get a call, email, or text from someone claiming to be from our bank, and they ask you to provide details regarding your personal info or your account, hang up or delete the message and call the number on the back of your debit card to report the incident.

  2. Will Primis ask you to purchase gift cards?
    No, we wouldn’t. More recently, a more popular scamming technique is to pose as a friend/colleague/family member and ask you to purchase gift cards to get them out of a pretend situation. If you receive any communication asking to randomly purchase gift cards of any kind—this is a scam.

  3. Will Primis ask you to rush to do something?
    Absolutely not. A lot of scam attempts today have messages prompting victims to act fast and/or take immediate action to avoid penalty. We’d never do this. If you get a message asking you to act now or lose your money forever, throw it away or delete it. Bonus red flag points if they try to get you to click a link.