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Save time and money, and streamline your business operations with automated processes. From managing your cash flow to managing your time, we’ve got you covered.

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Sweep it up

And you won’t even need a broom. Stop manually moving money and let our sweep accounts help you maintain liquidity while maximizing earnings.

  • Line of Credit Sweep

    • Move excess balances to pay down an open line of credit.
    • If funds are needed to cover a withdrawal, it will automatically sweep from the line to cover it.
  • Insured Cash Sweep (ICS)

    • ICS is a solution for customers that want FDIC coverage for balances over $250,000.
    • Primis is a member of a special network that lets your funds sweep into accounts in our networking, extending FDIC insurance.
    • As a result, you access FDIC insurance from many institutions, with the ease of working with one bank.
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We call them ZBAs — you’ll call them game changers. The ZBA acts like a master account, that’s a hub for your banking. It allows you to consolidate cash from assorted deposit accounts to make account management cleaner and easier.

  • Reliable account structure intended to help the business avoid overdrafts
  • Perfect for companies with specialized needs like payroll, tax accounts, credit card receipts
  • Maintain required balances for disbursements while maximizing excess balances
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Whether you want to move money from one account to another, pay a bill or pay down a line of credit, our transfer options help you meet your goal, on your terms.

  • Online and mobile transfers through your app or online banking
  • Submit or schedule a wire via online banking
  • Online bill pay lets you manage bills electronically and set up one-time or recurring payments
  • External transfers let you easily send funds to suppliers, employees and more via ACH
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V1BE. The ultimate time-saver for businesses.

You hear it all the time: time is money. We’re taking that phrase to the bank (literally, from your door to our branch). It’s free, it’s simple, and it brings the bank to your business any time you need it.

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Here are some other Primis services you should get in on.


You need your funds to move at the speed of your business, and we’ve got the receivables tools to get you paid.

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We’ll take the lead on managing your out-going funds, so you spend less time writing checks, and more time running your business.

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