Ever Evolving. Constantly Evaluating.

At Primis, we are constantly evaluating how our customers use our banking tools so we can respond accordingly and enhance the services that bring the most value. A perfect example of our continued developments in services is our banking delivery app, V1BE. Many other examples are found in the advancements we made to our online and mobile options.

Our customers have taken notice and have started using these services more and more each day, because of the convenience they provide. Our delivery app, and online and mobile tools are used with more frequency. As a result, there has been a substantial decline in visits to our offices. Put simply, our customers are visiting our branches less frequently, and that’s okay.

So that we can continue to invest in the services that our customers are using the most, we are restructuring and shifting things internally. We’ve made the decision to close eight locations on Friday, October 27. Those locations are Tappahannock, Charlottesville, Gloucester Point, Hull Street, Quinton, Kilmarnock, Leesburg, and Warrenton Old Town.

It was important to us that we first notify our customers who are most closely tied these branches. Now, we are ready to share this information more broadly.

Yes, these branches are closing, but in many cases, there is a neighboring branch where customers can make a visit if they need to. And, every one of our customers has access to free online and mobile banking, and most notably our banking delivery service, V1be. Instead of driving to a location, our customers can have a V1BE driver bring them the same services that they’d receive at a branch. And most importantly, no account will be impacted by these closures.

It’s a privilege to bank our customers. We know there are options on every corner, and we value the trust that our customers have placed in us. We take pride in bringing the bank to our customers and minimizing inconveniences. There will be absolutely no interruption in our customers’ banking services, but we understand our customers may have questions, which our banking team stands ready to answer.