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If you are considering opting out of Positive Pay check fraud and ACH fraud prevention services, you need to understand what this means. In short, when you decline coverage you become liable for fraudulent transactions.

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Your Security Is Our Priority

We want your account to be as secure as possible.
That’s why we offer fraud prevention services at no cost to you.

Check Fraud Prevention

Positive pay helps us automatically identify unauthorized or fraudulent check activity. We can flag suspicious checks and bring them to your attention.

  • Avoid the hassle that arises when forged or altered checks clear your account
  • You’re notified when suspicious checks or mismatches occur

ACH Fraud reporting

Fraudsters can use Automated Clearing House (ACH) systems to try and steal funds from unsuspecting accounts. Prevention services allow us to compare electronic account transactions against previously authorized payments and suspend unmatched items.

  • Prevent unauthorized withdrawals
  • Avoid time-consuming dispute process


We do not recommend opting out of this free service. However, if you decline to use our fraud prevention solutions, you assume the risk for fraudulent check and ACH transactions.

This means that you are liable for lost funds and/or costs that you incur as a result of fraudulent activity.

We highly encourage you to utilize these free services.

How Does It Work?


    • Set your preferences in an online dashboard
    • Block or approve vendors in advance
    • Set up limits by dollar amount, dates and vendors
    • For checks, you’ll upload a file containing check data



    • Decide if you want transaction alerts, account alerts or service alerts.
    • Set email addresses and phone numbers to get alerts at your convenience.
    • Set parameters for when you want to see alerts.



    • If an ACH transaction is not automatically approved by you, or appears suspicious, you’ll be alerted to approve the transaction in your dashboard.
    • For checks, you’ll upload a Positive Pay file containing issued check data. Checks presented for payment against your account are compared to your file. Any check not listed in your file (and thus potentially fraudulent) is flagged for your review.
    • The way that you’re alerted will be customized according to the preferences that you set.

    • Visit your dashboard any time to see a summary of your current checks and ACH transactions.
    • Check out your transaction history for up to a year.
    • Check out our user guide for more details.
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Questions? we’re here.

We take fraud prevention very seriously and we’re here to help. Our team of banking advisors is here to help talk through options.

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