Our digital app has been recognized as one of the safest and most functional apps available. Our accounts are the best out there – a great rate or cash back for debit card swipes. It doesn’t get any better. Everyone took notice! In the first half of 2023, Primis has been wildly popular. Our popularity placed a stress on our ability to provide the most personalized experience possible. We are determined to get this right, and back on track.

We believe people across our nation want a standout digital experience with great benefits. We also believe that most people have given in to what is out there… and accepted a subpar experience by other bank’s that can only provide customer service driven by bots. That’s not right. And Primis is DETERMINED to do better. Actually, not just better – far above better. Primis wants to provide an amazingly functional app, great benefits, AND personalized banking experience – how and when you need it – provided by humans. Yes, humans. Not bots.

We are working hard to make this happen. So while we’re doing all the things… like hiring additional teammates, training them on our model, and inspiring them with our vision… we’ve temporarily suspended new account opening. We expect to be ready to accept new account openings soon, and cannot wait to welcome a new rush of amazing customers.

Get excited, because we are also building an opportunity for existing customers to earn higher rates and incentives for referring new customers. Don’t worry – all these upgrades are being built to ensure that we don’t let you down on the service side of things!

We’re Here

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