Revamp Your Home

Break out the brushes and lay down some tarps — 4 painting tips to revamp your home.

Happy twin sisters painting image

It might be time to ditch the wallpaper and revamp the interior of your home with a fresh paint job. While it might be a walk in the park, we’ve pulled together some tips that you might not want to brush off.

  1. Buy Right. Guesstimating how much paint you’ll need might be a bold risk. Too little and you’ll have to make another trip to get more; too much and you’re stuck with gallons of unused, leftover paint. Take a little extra time to really measure the space(s) you want to paint.
  2. One Large Batch. It’s no guarantee that two gallons of the same color will look exactly alike. Mitigate that risk of two walls being two slightly different colors by combining multiple gallons into one large bucket and mixing before you paint.
  3. Cover Your Furniture. You might be thinking, “well, duh?” It’s a simple tip, but you’ll save plenty of time and energy by simply covering all furniture with plastic sheets (preferably taped to the bottom to secure) instead of moving it all out of a room and back in afterwards.
  4. Tackle One Wall at a Time. Painting one wall at a time is helpful for a few reasons, but the main one we’re focusing on is a seamless finish. Finishing one whole wall before paint has a chance to dry will limit the chance of seeing brush and roller strokes and will produce a high-quality finish when all is said and done.

Perhaps you’re painting to get ready to sell. If you need more advice about selling your home, talk to one of our mortgage experts today.

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