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5 Tips for Building (and Staying on Schedule) This Summer

Summer months are the ideal time to complete a variety of items on your bucket list: learning how to surf, taking the family on an extended vacation or mastering the art of “doing nothing.” They’re also great for tackling a home building project before weather conditions turn inclement. If you’ve decided to go for the latter choice, here are a few things to keep in mind to help stay on schedule and avoid unnecessary lost time and expenses.


Keeping things simple is the Primis way. That doesn’t mean skimping on quality, but it does mean sticking with the original plan rather than changing the project scope. If you aren’t much of a planner, working with a project manager can help you decide when and how tasks will be completed. Experienced professionals can streamline the schedule and keep your contractors in order.

Set It and Forget It

Before you break ground, be sure you’ve created a reasonable budget. Once you’ve settled, leave it alone. When temptations to splurge strike, remember you made an informed decision at the beginning. This will relieve any unnecessary stress during the building process and save you from the buyer’s remorse that often follows impulse purchases. And if you do decide to drift a bit off course, you’ll have the budget in place to help decide how far north or south you are willing to go.

Know Your Dealbreakers

For some it may be having particular finishes, while others are more concentrated with energy efficiency. Whatever it is for you, know what your non-negotiables are and communicate them to your team. This will help drive the project forward when unexpected changes halt progress..

Progress, Not Perfection

We get it. No one wants their new-build dreams to be smashed by reality, but no one wants to get lost in the clouds. When it comes to getting all the details right, sometimes compromise is needed. It may mean a small sacrifice here and there, but these will pale in comparison to finishing the project.

You Say “To-may-to”, I Say “To-mah-to”

Whether your team consists of a handful or boatload of crew members, clear communication is essential. Schedule regular check-ins with contractors and your project manager. If there are changes, make sure you have documented change orders so everyone stays on the same page.

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