Dressed to Impress

A man is seen power washing his garage door in the summer, which will drastically increase the home's curb appeal.

Do first impressions really matter? When it comes to home sales, the answer is absolutely according to a study from The University of Texas at Arlington. No matter the time of year, curb appeal adds at least 7% to a home’s value. Couple that with the fact that June and July are hot months for home sales, and you’ve got a good reason to take on a couple of these simple projects to increase your profit potential.

Door #1 or Door #2?

While the entry door is a single component of the greater whole, switching it up can improve the overall look of the house. You could go with a classic black painted finish or consider a soft warm red-rose or tranquil storm blue. Or change the door altogether and select the natural look of stained wood, with or without glass features.

Make it Lounge-Worthy

Future homeowners want to envision themselves enjoying their time inside and outside the house. Since most home facades have at least enough space for a couple of simple chairs, if not a front patio or porch, be sure to add elements that invite them to imagine their morning cup of coffee or evening wind-down while seated out front. If you already have a porch swing or a pair of Adirondacks, consider applying a fresh coat of paint or new décor that matches the home’s style.

Can I Get Your Digits?

Here’s a simple, quick, and inexpensive update – change your house numbers. This is especially important if your existing ones are difficult to see. Prospective homebuyers will be delighted to be able to find the address they’re looking for on their first visit. Make sure the style complements the vibe of your home’s architecture, pairing a clean, sans serif type with a modern home or a more ornate serif type with a romantic or Victorian house.

Make it Sparkle and Shine

Curb appeal is crucial to making sure your home gets the sale price it deserves. Take a step back from your house and inspect it for any signs of wear or weathering. Pressure washing the driveway, washing the windows, replacing broken or outdated light fixtures will elevate the overall appeal of the home. It may be worth hiring a professional window cleaner, which will enhance the exterior and bring more natural light inside too.

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