Hurricane Prep like a Pro

indoor view of close up window and waving palm trees during a hurricane

Two words during the summer and fall months can put a homeowner on edge: hurricane season. Whether you live by the water or further inland, the impact of these tropical cyclones can be terrific. Storm winds cause initial damage and subsequent rainfall sneaks into broken windows, doors, and roof openings. Your best line of defense is to take precautionary steps before the first sign of inclement weather. Here’s a hurricane preparedness checklist to help you get everything in order:

Secure the Exterior

  • Replace gravel or rock landscaping with lighter, less damaging fire-resistant material
  • Cut back shrubbery and weak branches or trees that could fall on your home
  • Remove clutter that could easily be tossed about by high winds (items like yard chairs, umbrellas, grills)
  • Clean gutters to prevent water backup or roof leaks

Secure Openings

  • Install storm shutters or other weather-resistant window and door protection to protect from shattered glass.
  • Replace old garage doors and tracks with wind pressure and impact protection.
  • Seal exterior wall openings, such as vents, electrical outlets, and anywhere that pipes or cables go through walls.

Secure Mobile Property

  • For mobile home owners, take steps to secure against high winds. NOTE: Mobile homes are not safe in high winds; relocate if a storm is imminent. Check mobile home insurance policies.
  • For boat or trailer owners, find out how to anchor them to the ground or house. Review your boat insurance policy.

Test Batteries

  • Test carbon monoxide (CO) detector batteries to prevent CO poisoning.

Pack Your Kit

  • If you lose power or other important resources, be sure to have backup goods on hand. Check out our hurricane preparedness checklist to make sure you’re equipped to weather the storm.

Always keep an ear and eye open for local authority recommendations. At Primis we put safety first with our customer’s valuable assets; naturally we encourage homeowners to do the same with one of their most valuable possessions – their homes.

The opinions voiced in this material are for general information only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual.

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