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Business Lending

Invest in yourself, your idea, and your business with our selection of loans. We offer great terms and fair agreements—and leave the boring bank jargon and bloated paperwork out of it.

Loan Options


Business Term Loans

We always loan local. Check out these short-term loans, one-time offers, and customized repayment plans tailored to you and only you.


Business Line of Credit

The power to pull: with a business line of credit, you don’t have to apply for a loan whenever your business needs cash. Get the money you need, when you need it.


Equipment and Vehicle Loans

Good businesses need good equipment. Which is why we don’t just help with money—we’ll get you the gear you’re looking for to keep things running smoothly.


Commercial Real Estate Loans

Give yourself some room to grow. We’ll help you lock up the right real estate loan for your business, so you can go from the first floor to the top floor.


Construction Loans

We’ll get you cash to build from scratch. If you’re building a commercial property, we offer competitive rates and a simple, streamlined approval process.


Small Business Loans

We believe in small businesses—and we help build them up with personalized loan plans that skip the jargon and offer simple, low-interest agreements.


SBA Loans

Need to get the most from your SBA loan? The government has named us a Preferred Lender, which means we’ll get your loan processed faster so you have cash in hand quicker.


Secured Asset Based Lending (SABL)

Lending should be simpler. That’s a fact. SABL is our proprietary system that simplifies the lending process and gets you the money you need, faster.


Letters of Credit

Ditch the expensive performance bonds; our letter of credit acts as a guarantee of payment for your new business venture.

All loans are subject to approval.

Let's Have a Chat

Got a question? We can help. Our bankers are here for you whenever and however you need them. Call, text, email. However you reach out, we promise you’ll hear back. 

Call Us 1-833-4PRIMIS (833-477-4647)

E-mail Us [email protected]

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