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March 2021

Online Electronic Statement Delivery. As a Primis Online Banking client you accept the terms of the Online Statement Delivery Service. For accounts with multiple owners, only one account owner or representative is needed to establish the Delivery Service. Primis will no longer deliver paper statements for any of the accounts included in the Delivery Service. You will receive check images in your electronic statement.

You also agree to receive any legal notices or other important information currently delivered with your paper statements (“Statement Inserts”) regarding these Accounts only online. We may from time to time offer other legal notices through the Delivery Service. Your request for such delivery will be your acknowledgement that this section governs the delivery of the legal notices. Examples of statement inserts that may be delivered online include, but are not limited to, Change of Terms Notices, Privacy Statements, and Regulation E Error Resolution Notices.

Service Requirements. The Delivery Service provides you with access to an electronic version of your statements for up to eighteen (18) months. This Delivery Service is provided to you free of charge and permits the flexibility of saving and printing account statements at any time. You will be notified through email when your statement is ready for viewing. You must validate your email address upon enrollment. One attempt will be made to notify you that a statement is available to view. You may re-enroll for the Electronic Statement Delivery Service at any time.

Eligible Accounts. Online statements offered for consumer checking, savings, money market, and loans that have recurring periodic statements and that are included in a customer’s portfolio of accounts accessed Through Primis’ s Online Banking Service are eligible for the Delivery Service. Primis reserves the right to change or modify decisions regarding account eligibility in its sole discretion.

If you are the owner of an account with other owners, you agree and understand that your electronic notice may be consolidated with the notice for other account owners who are members of your household into a single email or other electronic message sent to one, specific email address shared by you and all other owners in your household as the email address of record for the Delivery Service. As a member of the household, you agree and consent that access through the Delivery Service to one copy of an electronic record, such as an account statement, service agreement amendment, or a notice or disclosure required under applicable law, through a shared email address constitutes sufficient and effective delivery to you personally of such document as required by applicable law, rule or regulation.

Termination Rights. You may stop receiving electronic statements at any time by calling the Customer Care Center at 833-477-4647, visiting your local branch, or notifying us by mail at the address appearing on your account statement. If you chose to terminate this Delivery Service and return to receiving paper statements for your accounts, you will be charged for paper statements or check images as noted in your Deposit Account Fee Schedule. Primis may terminate the Delivery Service for any or all Designated Accounts at any time. Upon such Termination, delivery of paper copies of Electronic Records will resume within a reasonable time. Termination of the Delivery Service does not affect the validity or legal effect of any Electronic Record delivered to you or any Owners through the Service. Termination of the Delivery Service does not terminate Online Banking unless otherwise so stated.

Receiving Statement Photocopies. You can print a copy of your available online statements at any time. You can also obtain a photocopy of your statement from Primis at any time. We will send you a photocopy of a statement previously delivered through the Service at your request. The standard fee then in effect and charged for paper delivery of account statements will apply. Please refer to your Primis Account Fee Schedule for applicable fees.

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