Primis Launches Third Primis Works Session

Primis puts its money where its mouth is to support single moms

RICHMOND, Va. — Primis Works, a program for single mothers designed to take financial apprenticeship and life skills to the next level, began its third session on September 28, 2022. The program is a five-month experience that incorporates classroom education, mentorship, life skills, and extensive, job-specific training in a variety of departments at Primis.

This first two sessions graduated ten women with four finding further employment with Primis. The other graduates have access to continued support for their advancement. The current class has three participants including an immigrant from Afghanistan with a degree in business administration, a stay-at-home mom who is returning to the work force and a parent educator who is looking for new challenges. What they all have in common is a desire to embark on a career and take care of their families.

Primis’ dedication to these mothers extends well beyond typical training and standard employment. During the program, Primis pays 100% of the cost of childcare for the participants, and also provides benefits such as insurance, retirement and more. Mentorship and esteem-building workshops are also an important layer of the Primis Works experience.

“I love that my career gives me the opportunity to truly change people’s lives,” said Primis Works Manager Markeia Johnson. “Leading our Primis Works program, which focuses on single mothers, is the greatest blessing because we see the impact we’re making in helping them build a better life for their families and themselves. We’re all in. Building confidence and empowering these women through job shadowing, on-site training, budgeting, presentation skills, and goal setting — we’re here to to improve their lives.”

“It is important to recognize the community and our partnerships when attracting qualified applicants to this unique initiative.” added Diane Beirne, director of corporate social responsibility. “At Primis Works, we are looking for women who are ready to have a career. By engaging and partnering with other organizations who serve these communities, we have found qualified candidates who are eager for the personal and professional enrichment this program offers. Non-profits like the Forward Foundation, Human Kind, YWCA, Abundant Life Church of Deliverance, and Fostering Arcadia offer invaluable insight and access to those who are eager for this commitment.”

At the end of the program each participant has the opportunity to apply for permanent positions with Primis and if hired, will participate in new hire training for their job. The women not employed permanently with Primis are supported with additional resources for job placement.

“Part of our motto is ‘challenging the status-quo.’ We have done just that with the Primis Works program focused on single mothers”, said Primis President and CEO Dennis J. Zember Jr. “The short-term benefits are so obvious and consequential. These include financial stability, career pathways and the peace of mind that health benefits and a structured work environment provide. But what is most exciting is the kind of long-term prospects that can grow from an initiative like this.”

Zember continued, “When you look at growing someone’s sense of empowerment, building esteem, and providing a hopeful outlook for the future, those are lifelong gains that are big difference-makers. And they trickle down to our participant’s children, family and communities. This program has also inspired our employees and given them an opportunity to make an impact above and beyond their day to day jobs. Primis Works energizes us, the impact we are making – it’s why we’re here.”

The next session will begin interviewing in November 2022. To learn more about the program, or learn how to apply visit their website: PRIMIS WORKS

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