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Primis Works

Championing single mothers with tools to change their lives.

Single Mothers Shouldn't Have to Go At It Alone

Primis Works is a five month experience for single moms that incorporates classroom education, mentorship, life skills, and extensive specific job training in a variety of departments at Primis. We’re committed to fostering diversity, equity and inclusion in our communities, and our program for single moms helps us put our money where our mouth is. Single parents need support, and we’re all in, ready to help better the lives of their children and themselves.

How Does It Work?

Mentorship. Life skills. Extensive real-job training and apprenticeship.  And that’s just the beginning. This program is a full time, paid, experience with the goal of empowering single mothers to approach the workforce with confidence and empowerment.

How We Support Participants:

  • Job rotations allow participants to explore different positions at the bank
  • Mentorship and esteem workshops provide foster confidence and empowerment
  • A support network is created to encourage teamwork and allyship
  • Childcare expenses are covered during the program

Congratulations to our inaugural graduates. Read More.

To apply for our next class, CLICK HERE. 

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