Ann-Stanton Gore

Ann-Stanton does it all. Yes, she’s our resident brand and marketing guru; diligently using both sides of her brain with a close eye on the numbers and the creative output. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. As Primis evolves, so has she. Ann-Stanton leads many teams across the company to unite their efforts on two main objectives: create the ideal customer experience and capitalize on revenue-generating opportunities created by the digital and unconventional banking products that puts Primis in the headlines. Read More

Ann-Stanton Gore

About Ann-Stanton

Primis is not just her day job but also her happy place, “We are creating a culture of fresh thinking. One where all ideas are considered and no idea is too farfetched. Banks are rapidly changing and the way money is managed is already significantly different. At Primis, we aren’t standing by to watch—we are actively building a bank for tomorrow and years to come.”

A University of South Carolina grad with dual degrees in finance and marketing, Ann-Stanton (yes, Ann and Stanton always go together) has spent her entire career leading marketing initiatives for banks and knows what it takes to truly win customers’ hearts and loyalty. While others think banks are stuck in the past, Ann-Stanton has always seen the full potential of financial institutions and she’s played a pivotal role in moving banks from lackluster to innovative, approachable and—dare we say—fun. And that’s just what she did prior to Primis, serving as Ameris Bank’s head of marketing and then corporate communications as the company grew from $1 billion in assets to over $20 billion. During her tenure, she led the marketing and communications efforts for 18 mergers and acquisitions and launched the bank into a new era with a new bold and humanized brand.

Not only has Ann-Stanton been successful in leading banks through mergers, rebrands and gained market share, but she’s also a gardener, wife and mother. We don’t quite know how she has time for it all, but it might be summed up by her simple, yet impactful mantra, “You got this.”

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