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Welcome to Primis

The banking industry is stuck in a predictable, boring rut, and it’s time to demand better. That’s where we come in.

Our Mission & Vision


Our mission is simple. We create significant value for customers and shareholders by cultivating an unmatched team, providing unrivaled solutions, building close relationships, and putting our customers first, always.


To be bigger, better, and more exceptional than our competition, for our customers.

Our Core Values

  • Leadership
    Everyone must be a leader. We use our influence to create an enthusiastic culture and achieve our goals.
  • Accountable
    We take responsibility for our actions, our performance, and our customers’ experience.
  • Inspired
    We believe deeply in the Primis Way, serving real needs, and solving real problems. We are excited to achieve results and deliver banking as it should be.
  • Imaginative
    Primis rewards creative thoughts and actions, especially when it improves results for customers.
  • All-in
    We will not settle for good enough. Our teammates fervently support and encourage each other to relentlessly find the best solutions to make our vision a reality.

Career Center

We’re building a new, innovative, better banking experience built on sharp minds and the knowledge that banking doesn’t have to be so boring, so serious, so bereft of new ideas. The time for a new type of banking is now, and we won’t settle for less than excellence.
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Banking for Women in Business

Women face unique challenges in the world of business. It’s on us to level the playing field. That’s why we’re committed to ensuring women have all the tools to accomplish everything they can—and push what’s possible.
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Non-Profit Banking

We’ve always said the work of our community matters. And we’re ready to put our money where our mouth is.
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Primis Celebrates Everyday Champions

Here at Primis we are celebrating everyday champions in our community! 💚
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Meet Our Team

Our driving passion by our employees means your experience here will be different.
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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the core of Primis’s values and ethics. We strive to create a workplace and a banking community that welcomes all people.
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Let's Chat

Got a question? We can help. Our bankers are here for you whenever and however you need them. Call, text, email. However you reach out, we promise you’ll hear back. 

Call Us 1-833-4PRIMIS (833-477-4647)

E-mail Us [email protected]

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Virtual Interactive Banking Experience

Download V1BE

V1BE stands for Virtual interactive Banking Experience and is the newest app designed to make the lives of our Primis customers easier.

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