Primis Announces New Executive Vice President

Julia Fredricks has been promoted to chief risk officer.

RICHMOND, V.a. — The Primis Board of Directors decided to proudly promote one of Primis’ own experts to the company’s executive team after John Colantoni, former chief risk officer, retired at the conclusion of 2022. Julia Fredricks, previously serving as the company’s chief compliance officer and director of regulatory risk management, has taken over the executive role effective January 3, 2023.

Fredricks is a highly skilled financial professional with over 25 years of experience in compliance and risk management. Prior to joining Primis in October 2021, she previously worked for Wells Fargo as a vice president in their Compliance Transformation and Regulatory Remediation team, and Capital One as the senior director of compliance overseeing the Compliance Risk Management Program for their corporate functions. Fredricks has a proven track record of success in building and executing compliance advisory responsibilities to many areas including credit card, mortgage, auto, private and consumer banking, and corporate functions.

“I have always had an amazing network of support around me encouraging me to stay committed and work tirelessly towards the goal.  That work ethic and my love of banking and risk management have combined to get me to a wonderful place in my career”, Fredricks said about the new opportunity in front of her. “I am excited to continue to help guide Primis to becoming the best for our customers and shareholders in the new role. New challenges will appear as we grow over time, and my team here is fully capable of handling anything that may come our way.”

Since joining the Primis team, Fredricks has been instrumental in strengthening the company’s relationship with the Federal Reserve Bank, and additionally has built relationships with Primis’ executive team and board of directors which created an open, collaborative dialogue between corporate strategy and compliance.

“I love her energy and her enthusiasm,” Primis President and CEO Dennis Zember said about Fredricks. “Julia is dedicated to being an expert, and as we grow over the next decade the risks that we will face will be new and more complex. I have the utmost confidence in Julia and her team. They are the experts that you can rely on and work with to make our bank the safest, and most successful bank we can be.”

Primis’ aggressive goals point the company in a direction to significantly grow in the future. Leadership and shareholders expect Primis to be everchanging; becoming a bigger, better bank one, five, and ten years in the future. With this growth, Primis will face new challenges on the regulatory side, but everyone believes that Fredricks has the expertise and winning mentality to help guide the bank into new echelons of success.

To learn more about and connect with Julia, visit her LinkedIn profile.

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