McLean Bean joins Primis to help elevate customer support across the board.

RICHMOND, Va. — Primis is excited to announce the hire of McLean Bean as vice president, director of customer care center.  

One of Primis’ pillars of foundation has always been giving customers 24/7 access to customer support. With the rise in popularity of the bank’s new digital account offerings, the customer care center has seen an exponential increase in traffic so far in 2023. Bean has the experience and skillset to streamline the processes inside the customer care center to deliver an upgraded, enhanced level of support to all customers in the near future. 

Bean’s experience at both Fortune 500 enterprises and high-growth startups give him the right viewpoint to help guide Primis into this new-found era of success. Prior to Primis, he served as the operations manager at Mission Lane where he oversaw a large team and led support efforts for the company as they quickly grew from 200,000 accounts to over 2.5 million in a short span. Before that, he was a manager for a team of associates that handled support for Capital One’s “High Value Elite” customers. 

“Primis’ ambitions of bringing a thriving digital bank nationwide, while simultaneously providing that more intimate, branch banking experience was incredibly intriguing for me,” Bean said. “It really positions us well to bring that beloved ‘one-to-one’ feel to a large swathe of customers, thus allowing us to truly differentiate from our competitors.” 

His reputation as a respected and accomplished leader follows him everywhere he goes, including long-standing success in stabilizing teams while leading them through technology upgrades, expansions, new process rollouts, service model changes and more.  

“Our whole passion is about earning the enthusiastic support of our customers,” CEO Dennis Zember explained. “Always being available with expert advice or persistent problem solving skills is what we are passionate about delivering and is the foundation for whatever relationship we can build with the customer. McLean unquestionably shares this vision. Importantly, he has substantial career success behind him for our bank and our customers to be excited about the future in our customer care center!” 

In addition to Bean’s arrival, Primis has also expanded their customer support scope by introducing enhanced online chat features to their website to provide quick customer support. This new service will be able to alleviate a large percentage of base-level support queries from the customer care center within seconds.  

McLean Bean and new technology initiatives are just the beginning of Primis’ efforts to revamp its customer experience ten-fold. To learn more about McLean or to start a connection, check out his LinkedIn page.