No Fuss, Just Savings

You shouldn’t have to pay fees to save your money. That’s why Primis Savings doesn’t mess with service charges, period. In fact, we’ll pay you. That’s right, earn interest while you save.

Call us crazy, but we think your savings account should actually help you save money.

  • What You’ll Find

    • A straight-forward interest rate: 0.25% with an annual percentage yield (APY*) of 0.25%.
    • Open for just $1
    • Free services, like incoming wires
    • Easy, simple banking
  • What You Won’t Find

    • Minimum Balances
    • Service Fees
    • Transaction Limits

Services For All Your Needs

Personal Loans

We’ll get you a great rate on a loan—and pair that with a repayment plan that’s customized to your budget and your lifestyle.

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Personal Credit Card

Give yourself the purchasing power you need and the rewards you deserve with our variety of credit card options.

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Personal Checking

Fee-free checking with benefits and perks the other guys could never match.

Find Your Fit

*APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Our savings rates may eventually change, but these rates are correct as of 8/18/22. Fees may reduce earnings.

Other Ways To Connect

You can call, email, or live chat with one of our Primis reps.