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At Primis Mortgage, we know that the right home starts with the right mortgage. The options are endless and the jargon is confusing. That’s why we’re here.

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The Homebuying Process:

While there are many steps from inspiration to the closing table, the process itself can be simple. We’re here to guide you through the journey and have the resources you need to do it the right way.

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1. Apply & Get Pre-Qualified
How much can you afford to spend? Pre-qualification is a high-level estimate that helps you narrow your list of potential homes. It also puts you in a strong position when you’re submitting a contract. Applying online, or using our mobile app, is simple, and your loan officer will be on standby to answer questions.

2. Get Organized
Now it’s time to gather the items on our checklist. Organize yourself ahead of time, and you’ll be in even better shape.

3. Start the Hunt for That Dream Home
With your completed pre-qualification, your loan officer will send an update on how much house you can afford. Let the search begin (if it hasn’t already)!

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4. Make Your Offer
With the signed contract in hand, it’s our turn to do the work. Our in-house processing and underwriting teams kick into high gear to review your application and gather additional documents that may be necessary for loan approval.

5. Closing
Once our underwriting team has approved all loan documents, your loan is “cleared to close.” Cue the confetti! We’ll prepare the final documents, which you’ll sign at closing when you pay closing costs, if applicable.

Buying Your First Home?

High fives for making the decision to buy your first home. As you embark on this journey, here are some things to consider:


    Secure a pre-qualification to determine the perfect price range for you.


    If you figure out how much cash you’ll need early in the game, you’ll prevent stress down the road.


    Being specific and narrowing your search will save you time and make the process easier.


    Balance is key. Find a place that you can easily afford in the present, but at will accommodate your family’s growth in the next few years.


    Don’t rely on online searches for the best answers. Rely on experts.

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