Big Wins Big Savings

To a lot of people, fall means one thing—football is back. Millions of people congregate to their favorite team’s stadium each weekend to watch the gridiron action and enjoy all the festivities that go along with it. While it’s a blast, gamedays can sack your wallet in a big way.

Man with arms raised in a stadium crowd image

We’ve called a timeout to provide you with some quick tips on how you can ball on a budget this season.

  • Casual Fan? Avoid the Big Games. Whether it’s a cross-town rivalry or a primetime broadcast brawl, bigger games lead to larger ticket prices. If you’re not a diehard fan, consider getting tickets to non-marquee matchups so save some cash.
  • Eat Before You Go. Concession prices are only getting more expensive every year. Unless your team is offering $1 hot dogs, save your money and eat before you walk through the stadium gates.
  • Public Transit. Arguably the most overpriced expense at each game is the parking. A quick trip using buses, trains and subways can really cut down on gameday costs. As a bonus, you won’t have to fight traffic before and after the games!
  • Use Your Network. There’s a pretty good chance that someone you know either has tickets to spare, a tailgate party to attend, or an extra seat in their car. Asking around for any can be a big way to save and ways to have more fun.