Primis Mortgage Announces New National Headquarters

WILMINGTON, N.C. — Primis Mortgage, a subsidiary of Primis Bank, has officially opened the doors of its new headquarters in Wilmington, North Carolina.

After a year of rapid growth, Primis Mortgage decided that a proper move was necessary to continue upon their momentum, fulfill needs of new departments and team members, and further their commitment to bolstering the Greater Wilmington area. This new headquarters, located inside one of the state-of-the-art Autumn Hall buildings in Wilmington, will be home to executives, a capital markets team, in-house processing and funding departments, and many hardworking loan officers.

An outside view of the new Primis Mortgage national headquarters office located in Wilmington, NC.

The new location will feature spacious multipurpose centers that are optimal for strategy meetings, comprehensive training and community events. Also new to the Primis Mortgage team is an area that leadership is calling “The Mall”, a space that promotes deeper collaboration than ever before to help better serve the needs of customers.

“I think of our team here as my family,” Primis Mortgage CEO John Owens explained. “And as the head of this family, it’s my job to provide them with a home that allows them to grow and prosper. Our new location is second-to-none and will be a difference maker in turning our all-stars into legends, and attracting new world-class talent too.”

Part of that commitment to excellence starts with continuing education. The new headquarters will be as tech-forward as can be to allow all Primis Mortgage teammates to further their careers through advanced training and education at a greater speed than their competitors.

“I want our team to have an unfair competitive advantage,” Owens said. “Our new HQ gives us that. Champions do whatever it takes to win, and I want our team to have all of the resources and benefits possible to take them to the top — whether that’s leading technology or something as simple as not having to leave the complex to grab their premium lattes.”

Primis Mortgage invites the public to drop in and take a look around their new national headquarters, located at 5535 Currituck Drive, on Thursday, July 27 as part of the official grand opening celebration.

About Primis

Managing more than $4.2 billion in assets, Primis is the first bank to get it right. Primis brings the backing of an FDIC institution with the brains of a tech company — offering both security and ease; a solid foundation that’s future proof; and sophisticated offerings that are super simple to navigate. Primis breaks through all the fine print, wait times, and red tape — bringing to market services that actually serve and solutions that solve real life problems. Some say Primis is doing things different, we say we’re doing things right.

Primis Mortgage was born out of the belief that the mortgage industry as a whole can do better but saw an opportunity to be the best. Primis Mortgage acts like an independent mortgage company, but leverages the stability and resources of a bank. Our network of mortgage experts lends in 40 states (and Washington D.C.) with more on the way; bringing faster processes, better products, and ultimate transparency to its customers.

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