Charles Kabbash

Charles Kabbash, or “Charlie” as we call him, has devoted the last 50 years of his life to real estate. He’s seen and done it all: from buying and selling, to financing, to renting and land lording; and has helped everyday people realize their dreams and move up in life. This calling for helping others […]

Dr. Allen Jones, Jr.

Dr. Jones is described by his team members as ambitious and full of energy—and one would need to simply ooze these attributes in order to soar at his level of accomplishment. Not only is he a renowned physical therapist, a successful business owner, and a Primis board member, but Dr. Jones has also been appointed […]

Eric Johnson

Board members not only lend broad experience and strategic thinking to Primis, they are also able to step back and see the forest through the trees. Eric Alan Johnson is no exception. For over 45 years, he’s been in the real estate business, most recently as President and Principal Broker with Mason Realty Inc. But […]

Fred “Skipper” Garrett III

Affectionately dubbed “Skipper” by his friends and family, Fred L. Garrett III is a marina owner and fifth generation oyster planter who has spent his entire life learning about the landscape surrounding his native Rappahannock River in Essex County, VA. An avid boater and salt of the earth entrepreneur, Skipper has owned and operated Harborside […]

John Eggemeyer

John M. Eggemeyer isn’t just a proponent of community banks, he has literally invested his career in them. As Founder and Managing Principal of Castle Creek® Capital, LLC he enables community banks across the country to thrive, having invested over a billion dollars in their success.  Prior to founding Castle Creek®, John spent nearly 20 […]

Deborah Diaz

If most people had nine lives, they still wouldn’t have the impressive roster of titles and accolades that follow Deborah Diaz around. Her glowing resume includes Chief Technology Officer at NASA and Chief Information Officer for Science and Technology at the Department of Homeland Security— where she was responsible for all global defense as well […]

Robert Claggett

Robert has been practicing law for nearly 55 years and was the former president and CEO of a community bank for over 30 years. His passion for law began when his father, who was a practicing attorney, took him to the law library at the county courthouse and helped him write a brief on a […]

John Biagas

From an early age, John F. Biagas knew he wanted to be a CEO. While other kids were dreaming about elite sports, he saw himself at the head of an elite executive table and started training to be an electrician by the time he stepped foot in elementary school. His road there might have taken […]

Dennis J. Zember, Jr.

Dennis doesn’t fit the typical banker stereotype. He thinks—and acts—way outside the suit-and-tie-wearing baseline, and his gregarious charm and good humor feel more down home than multibillion dollar banker.  As a child, his mom incessantly reminded him he could be anything he wanted, but that maybe lawyer or doctor would be better than race car […]

W. Rand Cook

What happens when you combine the steady tempo and easy-going attitude of a bluegrass musician, the no nonsense pragmatism of a banker, and the sharp wit of an attorney? Well… you get William Rand Cook (or “Randy” as we call him). An enigma-or perhaps just a man of many diverse talents-Randy has focused his career […]

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