Cheryl Wood

Cheryl joined Primis back in 2000 and has given the bulk of her career to this bank—learning the ins and outs and deeply investing in its people and operations. She has graced many departments with her talents over the years but currently oversees corporate investor relations and everything HR. A female exec in the financial […]

Susan Williamson

A person who is staunchly devoted to family, it’s no surprise that Susan Williamson has been loyal to the banking world, as she’s been steeped in compliance for the past two decades in various roles at community banks across Virginia. It’s also no wonder that she is wholeheartedly devoted to growing in her role as […]

Stephen Weber

Hailing from five generations of bankers, you could say that Stephen was born into this world. As a child he dabbled in sports and even the arts, but he eventually came back to his roots and graduated cum laude from the University of Tennessee with a degree in—you guessed it—accounting. He spent over a decade as […]

Tyler Stafford

Tyler has always had a drive for personal improvement and growth. So much so, his favorite quote when encouraging himself and others is by Bertrand Piccard who says “If we want to innovate and achieve impossible goals, we have to understand that the only obstacle to succeed is our mindset. It’s the accumulation of beliefs […]

G. Cody Sheflett, Jr.

Before making his move to IT, Cody was steeped in customer service working in the hospitality industry. Before that, he was learning important life lessons from naval officers, university professors, and significant personal mentors. Even before that, he was learning problem solving and sharpening hands-on skills in the Boy Scouts. All of these steps laid […]

Marie Leibson

For someone who has a plaque that reads, “It is what it is,” Marie’s career path has been a testament to this reality in the banking industry. Winding her path  through community and regional banks across Virginia, her long tenure in the industry means that she has seen it all: receivership; mergers and acquisitions; economic […]

Ann-Stanton Gore

Ann-Stanton is our resident brand and marketing guru. But don’t let her title fool you; she diligently uses both sides of her brain with a close eye on the numbers and the creative output. Primis is not just her day job but also her happy place, “We are creating a culture of fresh thinking. One […]

John Colantoni

Everyone loves a good curveball. For John Colantoni, his curveball was transitioning from being a senior auditor at the FDIC for 24 years to becoming a banker. Some would say these things are at odds: the person regulating the banks moves to the other side. But, for John, seeing both sides of the coin allows […]

Bruce Brockwell

Meet Bruce Brockwell: 50% banker, 50% rock star, 100% fair and fun loving. A Virginia Tech graduate with equal love for Tom Petty and financial spreadsheets, Bruce rules our commercial banking house and brings a little music to our ears when it comes to veering far from the banker stereotype. And that’s just what he […]

Barry Almond

For someone who believes that “success is found in the gray” Barry Almond is very clear about why he loves working at Primis, “Primis is an outstanding corporate citizen and innovative solution finder that continually searches for new ways to improve financial services, as well as permanently improve the lives of those less fortunate.” We […]

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