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The Primis Team

Our driving passion by our employees means your experience here will be different.

The Executive Team

Matthew "Matt" Switzer

EVP, Chief Financial Officer

Executive Team

Barry P. Almond

EVP, Chief Retail Officer

Executive Team

Bruce Brockwell

EVP, Head of Commercial Banking

Executive Team

John Colantoni

EVP, Chief Risk Officer

Executive Team

Marie Taylor Leibson

EVP, Chief Credit Officer

Executive Team

George "Cody" Sheflett Jr.

EVP, Chief Information Officer

Executive Team

Tyler Stafford, CFA

CEO & Co-Founder, Panacea Financial

Panacea Financial

Stephen "Steve" Byron Weber

EVP, Chief Strategy Officer

Executive Team

Cheryl B. Wood

EVP, Chief Administrative Officer

Executive Team

The Board

W. Rand Cook

Independent Director, Chairman of the Board

Board of Directors

Robert Yates Claggett

Independent Director, Chairman Audit Committee

Board of Directors

John Fitzgerald Biagas

Independent Director and Chairman, Compensation Committee

Board of Directors

John M. Eggemeyer

Independent Director & Chairman, Enterprise Risk Committee

Board of Directors

Fred L. "Skipper" Garrett III

Independent Director

Board of Directors

William Bruce Jennings

Independent Director

Board of Directors

Eric Alan Johnson

Independent Director

Board of Directors

Charles A. Kabbash

Independent Director, Chairman Corporate Governance

Board of Directors

Let's Chat

Got a question? We can help. Our bankers are here for you whenever and however you need them. Call, text, email, carrier pigeon. However you reach out, we promise you’ll hear back.

Text the CEO 1-804-206-9662 1-804-206-9662

Call Us 1-833-4PRIMIS (833-477-4647)

E-mail Us [email protected]

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