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Productive Virtual Networking

Networking in-person over coffee and conferences has been a staple of meeting people and building business relationships.


Pivoting to Win During COVID

In January 2020, were you excited and ready to implement your business vision for the year?


How Virtual Events Can Power Up Your Business

Due to the pandemic, virtual meetings have Zoom-ed into your everyday life. But, have you taken the time to consider how this technology will help you increase revenue, lower costs, and reduce your environmental footprint when face-to-face interactions are back in style?


Figuring Out What Your Customers Want Now

As reopening happens, chances are you are considering what you need to do for customers and clients to hire you or buy from you again.


Slaying Your Self-Doubt

Research reveals that self-doubt is the number one emotion we all have in common.


Advice for Virtual Networking During the Covid Crisis and Beyond

We all are experiencing a dramatic and sudden charge to our personal and professional lives because of the Coronavirus.


Simplifying Financial Planning

Only 17% of the US population is using a financial advisor, says a 2019 CNBC study.


Demystifying Venture Capital Funding

Venture capital is a term you may associate with the TV show Shark Tank or as the primary funding source behind big companies like Facebook, Starbucks, and Uber.


How the P.O.W.E.R. Program Has Become a Movement

When you started your business, did you pick a bank based on convenience because a bank is a bank is a bank, just a place to store money and pay bills?

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