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Summer Home Refresh

Summer is a great time to tackle those home projects you’ve been putting off!

With limitations still in place for summer activities outside the home, it’s as good a time as any to turn your attention inside! A few simple changes here and there can have areas of your home feeling brand new. Read along as we give you some ideas and hear from a few experts in the home décor field!

Working remotely for months has likely left you with a wish list of projects you’d like done around the house. As we’re adjusting to our new normal with COVID-19, and able to get out and about to do errands, it’s a great time to get supplies to tackle that list! In today’s blog we’re helping you refresh common sore spots around the house.

Let’s start this home project tour with the kitchen! And what better place to start than the pantry? Ah the kitchen pantry! It has so much potential, and yet, somehow manages to stay a frightful, cluttered mess 90% of the time. The Container Store has written a step-by-step guide on pantry organization.

  1. First things first, take a ‘before’ picture! You can’t truly appreciate the progress unless you see how far you’ve come!
  2. The real first step to reorganizing your pantry is to take everything out (and I do mean everything!) and place on a table or kitchen island. This allows you space to re-organize without feeling like you’re adding to the clutter.
  3. Measure your shelves while everything is cleared out, so you’ll know what size baskets & organizers to get.
  4. Take pantry staples, such as flour, sugar, rice, etc. and place in clear canisters, such as these.
  5. Next, group together like items and place in a bin or basket. For example, take all of your snack items and place in one bin. Gather all of your baking supplies and place in another. Here are some great options.
  6. Do you often find yourself having to move cans and bottles around to find what you need? Consider purchasing a tiered organizer or two so that these items are more visible. You can find both two- and three- tiered organizers on Amazon.
  7. Don’t overlook extra space for storage, such as the back of the pantry door. For example, this over-the-door organizer provides you with three additional baskets to fill!
  8. The final step in this process is of course to take the ‘after’ picture!

The next stop on our home project tour is the home office. Working from home the past few months has likely left you in one of three categories. One, you desperately need to find a space in your home for a dedicated home office. Two, you have a home office that is boring, unappealing, and full of clutter. Or three, you designed your home knowing exactly what you wanted in your home office and it is practically perfect in every way. Which category describes you best? While we’re tackling projects around the house, let’s make sure you have a fun, functional space to get your work done.

First, consider placing a desk in the living room. Before you say no, check out this article for twenty-five examples of incorporating a desk into the living room!

Second, explore converting a small closet into an office. It’s not as crazy as it seems! Just head to Pinterest and type in ‘closet office.’

Finally, consider using the dining room table as a desk, permanently. Yes, it’s a bit odd, but so is suddenly being thrust into working from home full-time! Dedicate one or two shelves of your dining room buffet, sideboard, or china cabinet to office supplies & voila!

If you fall into the second category, a boring, unappealing home office, we have just the inspiration you need for a makeover! Your home office should inspire you and be a place where you don’t mind spending time. Gather some inspiration by scrolling through this slideshow from House Beautiful.

The best place to start when designing a home office is with the rest of your house! Having home office decor that is in line with the rest of your house will naturally make it feel inviting and comfortable. You’ll want to consider the color scheme of your home, and what accents colors you might want to bring into the office. Next, consider your decor style. If you’re not sure, take a style quiz by Havenly or this one by Decorist to find out.

When it comes to accents, Taylor Raquet, owner of Beckon Home, a Richmond-based boutique, explains that “your home office should reflect your personality, which will create a sense of comfort while there.” Raquet offers these suggestions for achieving a welcoming and inspiring office space: a fresh-looking lamp with shade, a fabric-covered desk chair, wallpaper in the back of built-ins or a bookshelf, a second seat for a visitor, and any kind of art that makes you happy. It’s important to remember that “these elements do not need to cost a significant amount but will still bring you great pleasure while working and make your office flow with the rest of your house.”

We’ll finish up our home project tour in the powder room. The powder room, or half bath, is often a space that gets overlooked. It’s there to serve a purpose, but it’s not part of the main design of the home. Or, is it?! The powder room is a space where you can let your imagination fly and take bold leaps! To get some inspiration, take a look at these powder room makeovers by Elle Decor.

Realtor Jess Deleo of Sunday Homes RVA knows what works and what doesn’t when it comes to a home’s interior design. She offers great tips when it comes to a powder room refresh. Home color palettes are all about the lighting. “Powder rooms, for example, are often interior rooms with no windows and only one light fixture. For rooms with no natural light it’s best to stick to a lighter color palette.” Deleo explains that she often likes to “recommend a more neutral color on the walls and use a bold or dark color on a vanity or in the artwork. Darker colors can work for a small space with natural light as long as there are pieces that balance it out, like a lighter colored vanity, a wood accent table, a large mirror, etc.”

Are you thinking of a bright, bold color in the powder room? Deleo offers some advice, “Choosing a color is all about the vibe and style you want. Generally, putting a lot of vibrant color in a small space can be overwhelming for the eye to take in. I would avoid bright versions of any color (think sunflower yellow or bubble gum pink).” As for what colors to avoid, she explains that “for a small space with very little light I’d also avoid really dark colors (midnight blues, dark green, etc.) as they’ll soak up all the light from any fixture and make the space feel dim. You can still use your favorite colors, just use the care in selecting the tone.”

And what does Deleo think about wallpaper? “Wallpaper has really come back around. There are so many options besides the floral and damask prints we associate with the 70’s and 80’s. I think they add great style to a room.” Jess recommends these options for small spaces:

  1. Go bigger on the print. Tiny prints make a small room feel busy and the eye isn’t sure where to look. Larger prints on wallpaper feel more like art.
  2. Use it as an accent wall in a small space, choosing a color from the wallpaper as the paint color for the other walls.
  3. Balance the wallpaper with wainscoting or paint. If there’s a busier print that you love but you want to use it in a small space, balance it with a solid element (like wainscoting or breaking the pattern with a chair rail and painting the bottom half) on the bottom portion of the walls.

With these great tips, you’ll have your powder room looking fabulous in no time!

The dreaded to-do list can get the best of us sometimes, and in the midst of working from home and finding a new normal, things have certainly fallen by the wayside. We hope this blog has been useful in giving you some inspiration to refresh areas that have been on your list, and don’t forget to comment with those ‘after’ pictures!


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